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Private Gel Nail Services


structured gel manicure


Structured Gel manicure includes dry manicure.

Removal of previous color and partial removal of base gel. Reshape, & clean underneath nail. Reapplication of Base gel/color/top gel.

Finishing with scrub (seasonal) collagen gloves and massage (time allowing)

includes any nail fixes, and 1 color/glitter

Base service runs 75 minutes, added art adds time.

New client Service, $85-100

Includes above, also has time included for extensions, if wanted.Please include in notes that you are looking for extensions

art 1


Structured gel manicure with additional art

Any accent nails in 1 color change, foil, chrome, french, alcohol inks, aura, smoosh or stamping.

Mystery Manicure 1-2 nails

art 2


Structured gel manicure with additional art.

Any additional art that has 2 or more colors, or layered colors. Ex. hand painting, swirls, smoosh, ombre, watercolor, pigments, isolated chromes.

Mystery manicure, all nails


$100, books 90 minutes

art is additional

length is added with a paper form or dual forms, depending on health and length of natural nails

art 3


Structured gel manicure with additional detailed art.

​This is not a common booking

All nails with heavily detailed art

Bridal designs

artist choice


Artist's choice, is where I create what I would wear. Use something new I picked up, or learned. Unlike the mystery manicure, these are not in the candy machine

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