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What is a dry manicure?

A dry or EFile manicure is a technique that uses different bits, to mechanically remove dry, unalive skin, to provide close up and clean application of gel and gel polish.

I use an EFile for pedicures as well.

Do you do a Dip or acrylic nail service?

Unfortunately, I have developed an allergy to acrylic monomer (liquid). I do not use any Dip or acrylic.

What is a Structured Manicure?

A Structured Manicure is a technique, using gel as an overlay. Adding support and strength, helping your natural nails grow. Perfect for thin, flexible nails.

Type of gel is customized for the client.

This type of manicure is detailed and can last 3-4 weeks between appointments.

What payments do you take?

I take any Bank/credit cards, cash, and Venmo.

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