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I understand that life happens, these policies are about protecting my business and clients.

For cancellations/reschedules, I ask for at least 24 hours notice. this gives adequate time to fill in the appointment time. At 24 hours or less, all changes have to go through me.

All cancellations/reschedules made with 12 hours or less notice, will be charged a fee of $40, unless I can fill the appointment time. Then it will be waived.

Current clients, 2 No show/No call (because emergencies happen). All future appointments will be cancelled, and not be allowed to book again in the future.

Grace period for tardiness is 10 min, after that it is my right to refuse service and fee of $40 will be added to next appointment.

Booking: I do not book by text. For new clients, a form will be sent, and first appoint can be booked by myself or by client.y


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