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What is Structured gel?

I'll help you understand the difference between my services and those of a typical nail salon.

gel image_edited.jpg
finished structured gel with added art

Structured Gel Manicure

Structured Gel is a technique using potted gel or a bottled gel, to create the support architecture for nail health and growth.

There is little to no odor with the products.

I don't use acetone to soak off, like a gel polish, I use an Electric File, E-File, to remove the color and some of the base gel. I do not thin the natural nail.

This specialized technique, rebalances the product on the nail, while protecting the integrity of the nail.

Gels are strong yet flexible, great for thin flexible nails as well as hard nails.

dry manicure using an electric file

Dry Manicure

A dry manicure consists of using a few bits, with a E-File. With these we lift and clean the cuticle and eponychium (the skin around the nail). Nip away dead skin and buff smooth. 

This is customized to your skin/nail type.

This provides a clean area for the Gel to adhere to and polish to apply smoothly. 

The Nail Studio, is a private space.

All are welcome.

I work by appointment only, that way there's less distractions for both of us.

I offer a clean atmosphere and clean/disposable tools.

You are welcome to chat, work, play a game on your phone, or have a quiet appointment.

As much as I love a nicely structured nude nail, I also love a well put together, artistic design.

Bring in your inspiration and we can see what we come up with. There is always the choice of the Mystery Manicure, for when you want a design, but don't know what to do.

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