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Beautiful Results. Personalized Care.

Structured Gel Manicure
All manicures include dry manicure, builder base/color/topcoat

Base price: $70

Books 75 mins.

This Structured Gel Manicure books 75 min.

Includes dry manicure, builder base gel, color/glitter gel.. Builder base, give support and strength to the natural nails.

This isn't just a gel polish, this is more. Attention to details, and health of the nail and skin.

 Art is NOT included.

Any extra art must be booked.

 Seasonal masks or sugar scrub included as time allows

2023-02-18 13.09_edited.jpg

Add Ons:

Chrome Starts at: $5 &up

Simple Art $2 per nail

Complex Art $3 per nail

Removal $30

Ombre $10 a nail

All art must be booked

2023-02-21 19.53.43.png

Mystery Manicure

Starts at $75

Books 75 & 90 mins

Have no idea? Still want some splash of color and art?

This books at 75-90 minutes, take a chance with the Mystery Gumball Machine or the Manicure Roulette

One catch: there is no do overs.

Includes dry manicure and builder base, with color/glitter/art, who knows it’s a mystery.


Gel Extensions 

Starts at $80

Books 90-120 mins

Al Gel Extensions are booked by consult.

 Depending on the condition of the nails,

I’ll either build on a form or use a full gel nail tip,

to influence growth of the natural nail.

cuticle care

Perfect Poly

Set:$80           Fill: $70

Perfect Poly, is like the marriage of Gel and Acrylic.

Are you hard on your nails, but love the flexibility of Gel?

this is for you. 

Dry E File manicure included

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